Cowgirl Bling Crystal Headstalls

Above: Ultimate Bling Browband Headstall $135 UBBBHS4r


Five Styles Available. See stock photos below:

  • One Ear, Futurity Knot, Browband, V-Brow and Wide Cheek with spots and basket weave stamp... see  in photos


  •  Headstalls are premium show quality, their 5/8" double stitched, with double buckle cheek adjustments. Chicago screws at buckles for adding silver. Leather is a nice light oil to match the majority of today's barrel saddles.

    Crystal Layout Photo Examples are shown below, order from the photos - or make a custom request.  Any color crystals available for an additional $7.50 per color/item.

    Every item made is one of a kind and unique, no two will look exactly alike.


    $89.00: Basic crystal layout (HSB)

    $99.00and Up:  Custom Creations (HSCC)

    $115.00 and up: *Ultimate Bling Headstalls (UBHS) : Black ultrasuede overlay with tons of bling, Clear or AB Crystal choice. Additional ultrasuede colors and crystals are available for an additional fee


    • *CUSTOM ORDER Widecheek headstalls $175 and up (WCHS) Wide cheeks have some basket weaving on them.

    • *$135 Browband Style Headstall (UBHS)

    • *$140 V-Brow Style (UBVB)

    • *$115 One Ear Style (UB1E) 

**Order a matching Ultimate Bling Breast Collar at the same time and get $10 off your order!

  • Bermuda PinkCheetahFresh LimePonyPurple
    **Above are just a fraction of the Ultrasuede Underlay Available for your Cowgirl Bling Ultimate Bling custom creation for an additional $35 per order (not per item!)

  • Click on Photos Below to Enlarge:

  • Cowgirl Bling Ultimate Bling V-brow for 3 row Breast Collar
    Ultimate Bling V-Brow Headstall (UBHSV3R) to match 3 Row UB Breast Collar

    Ultimate Bling Custom Hair on Hide Leopard Set with AB Crystals (UBLEOP) 
    1SM Plus Tack Set
    Style 1SM-Plus Headstall; has extra bling on browband, crown and checks. 1SM Breast Collar is $159, Headstall is $119, plus a $7.50 one time charge if colored crystals are ordered.
    Cowgirl Bling Crystal Tack Ultimate Bling 3 Row Set
    Ultimate Bling Tack Set, Black Ultrasuede/Clear Crystals: Breast Collar $265  (UBBC3R) with matching Straight-Brow Headstall $135  (UBHS3R) *Receive a $10 discount when you purchase the set
    Ultimate Bling Cowgirl Bling Tack
    Custom Ultimate Bling Tack Set: Breast Collar (UBBC3R $265) with color choice $35 with matching V-Brow Headstall (UBHSV3R  $140)  
    (Utimate Bling Custom
    Ultimate Bling Custom Set, Headstall (UBHS3R) $135, Breast Collar (UBBC3R) $265 Plus $35 one time Ultrasuede charge.

    (Style 1SM) Emerald, Headstall $99, Breast Collar $159 plus a one time $7.50 color crystal charge

    One Ear Ultimate Bling 3row Set; Headstall $115, Breast Collar $245 plus $35 for custom underlay (pony print) if you order the set, take $10 off!


Basket stamped may be available in A - D. STYLES OF HEADSTALLS TO CHOOSE FROM for your own original crystal headstall::
V Brow Headstall ABrow Band Headstall B B  Futirity or California Knot Brow Headstall CCOne Ear Headstall D

Clear Crystal and Crystal Aurora Borealis, which adds a rainbow type effect to the crystal, are always in stock.  You may choose any color of crystals you prefer for an added charge of $7.50.  Orders take approximately 2 - 6 weeks to process.  

To inquire about ordering, please see the ORDERING INFORMATION Page.

**Please note that the photos do not show the true brilliance of the crystals, they are extremely sparkly and glow in the sun and arena lights.

Safety Info
: It's important for the safety of you and your horse to ensure that all screws remain secure.  We recommend always checking your equipment before each ride and to put Loctite, super glue  or clear fingernail polish on all screws.

Email with any questions,

Cowgirl Bling Crystal Tack

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